Bid Proposals

Habitat for Humanity will be soliciting sealed bid proposals from contractors for residential construction in the City of Cambridge.  Bidders must provide proof of liability insurance, proof of workman’s comp insurance, and three references.

Complete details and bid packages can be picked up in person at the Habitat Choptank office at 29350 Maple Ave, Trappe, MD, or can be downloaded from the links below.   Please check each bid package for dates, times, and format of bid. Minority contractors are encouraged to bid. For additional information please contact Wayne Suggs at

Bid Package- 603 High Street, Cambridge

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Current Building Sites

Easton Build Days

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 9am – 3pm

New Construction at 205 Port Street

Cambridge Build Days

Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays 9am – 3pm

New Construction at 507 High Street

New Construction at 519 High Street

Rehab at 710 Wright Street

Hurlock Build Days

Tuesdays and 1st Saturdays of the month 9am – 3pm

New Construction at 202 Jackson Street

New Construction at 200A Jackson Street

St. Michaels Build Days

Stay tuned for the exciting news ahead..

Habitat Home Facts

We build durable, healthy and sustainable houses at the lowest cost possible.

Homes are built to Energy Star standards which helps keep monthly utility costs low.

We build “sustainably” which results in a more durable home that has lower operating costs over time.

Our houses are sold at no profit and financed with an affordable mortgage.

Monthly mortgage payments including taxes and insurance are repaid by the homeowner over 30-33 years and may be less than what that home owner once paid in rent.

These mortgage funds are reinvested into our “Fund for Humanity” which combines with other financial gifts to support the construction and renovation of future homes in our two-county region.

Land Acquisition

To build homes, Habitat Choptank must maintain a land bank so that as one project finishes, construction can move forward on the next.  If you or someone you know, has land they wish to sell or donate, please email us or call 410-476-3204.